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OS/2 2.0 Workplace Shell Dream

[ This message was posted to the OS/2 2.0 beta test message board on IBM's BBS.   OS/2 introduced a new interface called the Workplace Shell that many people did not like very much.  One problem that the configuration of every little thing -- except for the things you really cared about -- could be changed radically.  Another problems was that the interface often went against industry conventions.  For example, running a program by clicking its icon caused the icon to disappear from its folder.  When the program finished running, the icon reappeared in the folder.   While there is a sort of logic to that (and other aspects of the interface), many people found it difficult to use.  Richard Hodges found it so difficult to use, in fact, that he claims to have had the following nightmare. ]

Message : 5188 (OS/2 Version 2 (Beta Test) ) Date... : 11/ 8/91 (7:47 Pm)
From... : Richard Hodges Refer.. : None
To..... : All Sec'ty. : Public
Subject : A little dream... Rec'vd. : No

A little dream that came after seeing the Workplace Shell.

I started dreaming about driving a car in which all of the controls on the dashboard are stuck on with magnets. Nothing is physically attached.  Some of the controls are kept in the glove compartment, and some are actually in a box inside the glove compartment. Even the steering wheel column can move every which way. You can drive from the middle of the front seat if you want. Occasionally, you hit a bump and the controls shift around, maybe a few fall on the floor.

Sometimes, I pull the headlight switch out of the box in the glove compartment and after I turn on the lights, the switch disappears!  I open the glove box, then open the little box - and it magically returned!  I can make it stay on the dashboard, but then my owner's manual, screwdriver, Kleenex box and everything else in the glove compartment starts piling up on the dashboard.

If I look at the speedometer it gets very large and I can't see anything else on the dashboard.  Maybe sometimes I can see something.  Everything can be changed except that the gearshift is on the left instead of the right. That cannot be changed.

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